About Myself


Hi, I’m Lilian. I am fourteen now. I was born in a beautiful March in 1999. I have a beautiful, wonderful and great and awesome family. They’re awesome and I love them. I love God. God is awesome. God is the most trustworthy.  I love them and I’m thankful of them.

I love to read books. I read all kinds of books that match with me, especially novels, mysteries, pshycology, life stories, sad stories, fiction, romance, comedy and interesting books or extraordinary ones and many more.  I love to expand knowledge, that’s why I’m always curious about everything. Sometimes I talk a lot, sometimes I talk just when I need to. Whenever, my mood could change just in minutes. A perfect day could turn out to be a bad day for me even just because of some bad little things. Yeah, I even care of littlest things that people around me do and I’m easily mad, sad, disappointed or upset maybe just because some little unimportant things, but at least I have a reason.

Sometimes I see, think, feel differently. You never know what I’ve been through, so don’t ever judge or estimate myself if you don’t know my story, myself and me. You don’t understand me, so keep your mouth closed. I wish there are plenty of people who understand myself completely, but they are rare. Even the ones who are the closest to me aren’t always the ones who could completely understand myself. I always love to imagine and dream many things. I love dreaming and imagining, because there are no rules in there. Even if some movies are the adaptation of some novels, but I always think the book and the movie are never same. People would think and say the book and the movie are the same because the story is same. But I don’t think so, because when you read, you enjoy and imagine it. But, when you watch, you only enjoy it.

I’m so far away from perfection and I don’t need to because no one is. I just wanna live a happy and beautiful life. I want to see my family, my parents, my friends and everyone I love happy. They’re the best things  in this tough life. I enjoy and love movies. I also love music too. I love browsing things, find anything new. I love to write too, but I think I’m not good enough. I love to eat, especially taste a lot of delicious food and desserts, appetizers or cakes. I always wish that someday I can cook very well, obviously I can’t cook anything at the moment. I love photography too and I just really love and want to travel everywhere because every places are beautiful and enchanting.

I love number 13. I love Taylor Swift. She’s an awesome girl. But, nowadays things went wrong. So many people throw rocks on her. So, if you read this line, please think of maturity and you know the rule of life, the karma. Please respect everyone if you want to be respected too. As simple as that.

Talking about respect, sometimes I always respect people who never respect me back. I hate that. Well, sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life.

I’m so imperfect and I have so many flaws. I even have blurry eyesight. I’m a bad one. Sometimes, I’m disappointed on myself too. It’s like I have two sides; the left side sometimes says that I hate myself and I hate my life and the right side says that I’m thankful for everything I’ve done. Problems always come and I hate that. But, I believe that God has planned everything and it’s gonna be okay. I’ve been through so many things, I’ve felt a lot kinds of feelings. The feeling when you’re alone, you feel empty, you feel something went wrong but you don’t know how to fix it, you feel betrayed, you feel so confused or when you feel the mixed feelings. But, the ‘I thought you were’ feelings are the worst ones. When you thought you were someone on somebody’s eyes when you were actually not, when you thought some people were there for you when they were never, when you thought by someone’s existence would help you but it was totally wrong, when you thought someones were very kind and they’re on your side when they were never.

I’ve met so many people who have different masks, attitudes and their unique things that always remind me of them. Some of them are bad, some of them are kind. But I’m thankful of everything I have. I really do love God, my family, dad and mom and everyone I love and I really do. I really mean it. Thank you for reading until this line, but I think there will never anyone who read this until the last line. Don’t you feel bored? But, thanks for reading. I hope this page won’t bring any problems for me. Thank you for everything.



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